Vacuum Residue 1000F+ from Bonga crude oil assay

  1. Butane and Lighter IBP - 60F
  2. Diesel 480 - 650F
  3. Hvy Naphtha 165 - 330F
  4. Kerosene 330 - 480F
  5. Lt. Naphtha C5 - 165F
  6. Vacuum Gas Oil 650 - 1000F
  7. Vacuum Residue 1000F+
ParameterVacuum Residue 1000F+
Cut volume, %8.71591
API Gravity, 13.7778
Specific Gravity (60/60F), 0.973996
Carbon, wt %86.5982
Hydrogen, wt %11.9623
Pour point, F110.484
Neutralization number (TAN), MG/GM0.688691
Sulfur, wt%0.731489
Viscosity at 20C/68F, cSt123192000
Viscosity at 40C/104F, cSt1806530
Viscosity at 50C/122F, cSt343493
Mercaptan sulfur, ppm0.00088736
Nitrogen, ppm7057.59
CCR, wt%13.556
N-Heptane Insolubles (C7 Asphaltenes), wt%0.219455
Nickel, ppm36.6624
Vanadium, ppm3.37751
Calcium, ppm-1
Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) Whole Crude, psi-1
Hydrogen Sulfide (dissolved), ppm-1
Salt content, ptb-1
Paraffins, vol %1.23264
Naphthenes, vol %14.6041
Aromatics (FIA), vol %84.1633
Distillation type, TBP-1
IBP, F1000.95
5 vol%, F1009.71
10 vol%, F1019.84
20 vol%, F1041.6
30 vol%, F1065.73
40 vol%, F1092.87
50 vol%, F1123.98
60 vol%, F1160.49
70 vol%, F1204.89
80 vol%, F1261.95
90 vol%, F1342.76
95 vol%, F1401.27
EP, F1489.79
Freeze point, F-1
Smoke point, mm-1
Naphthalenes (D1840), vol%-1
Viscosity at 100C/212F, cSt1449.14
Viscosity at 150C/302F, cSt85.8504
Cetane Index 1990 (D4737), -1
Cloud point, F-1
Aniline pt, F-1
Max Krutov

Max Krutov

Graduated from MSU, Moscow. Seller CIF.

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